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A Look Back at 2022 in Digital Marketing

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but here we are at the end of 2022. As we reflect on the past 12 months, there are a few digital marketing trends that stand out. Here's a look back at the year in review.

1. The Rise of TikTok

This past year saw the rise of TikTok as a powerful marketing tool. With its popularity among Gen Z and millennials, TikTok offers a unique way to reach this demographic. businesses of all sizes have been using TikTok to promote their products and services, and we expect this trend to continue into 2022 and beyond.

2. The Growth of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising spend continued to grow in 2021, with businesses investing more money in ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This growth is due in part to the increasing effectiveness of social media ads and the growing number of people who are using social media platforms. We expect this trend to continue as businesses look for new ways to reach their target audiences.

3. The Emergence of New Technologies

Several new technologies emerged in the past year that have the potential to revolutionize digital marketing. These include things like 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, and voice search. We're excited to see how these new technologies will be used in the coming year to create even more innovative marketing campaigns.

It's been an eventful year in digital marketing, and we can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for us. Thanks for following along with us this past year, here’s to your continued success. 4MJ Social is a vibrant and fast-growing brand and boutique marketing agency. The skills of our team members are as diverse as they are complimentary. No matter the budget or goals, our solutions and data-driven approach to digital marketing will get you where you need to be. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure you have an effective marketing team that you don't need to stress about.


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