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How to Begin Your Social Media Journey

The beginning of the year usually brings out the motivation in all of us, but that can come with a lot of pressure. Where do you even start? Many people will give you tips on how to optimize your social media this year. What if you haven’t made it that far? How intimidating would it be to read about social media algorithms if you haven’t selected a profile/banner picture, or even a username? Some of us haven't even downloaded the apps!

Go into it with a plan:

If you plan to use multiple platforms try to make your username and aesthetic as cohesive as possible, so that the pages can be easily associated. If the name of your brand/business isn’t available try to keep it as recognizable as possible. You want the cover/profile images to have the same overall theme so that it creates a continuity across all of the social media accounts.

Think of who your target audience is:

Different platforms can cater to different audiences. For instance, if you think you will connect with your audience more on instagram it ok to be top heavy at first. But, remember to find the balance in content across all of the mediums. Research which type of post tends to perform better on each platform and cater it to your brand/business. Here at 4MJ Social, we specialize finding what your audience responds to and giving them more of the content that they crave.

Map out your content:

Social media presence doesn’t exist without content. Think about how you want to be represented. What types of posts do you want your feed to be made up of? How often do you want to post? There are many different ways that you can create your perfect feel so be sure to weigh all of your options. Need help with mapping out content? 4MJ social can help you plan out content for your brand/business.

Here is my final word to you. Running a social media account for your business is something that you should invest time in. Planning the right content and mapping out the right platforms can help you reach a broader audience that you ever imagined.

If you feel that you need help to build your presence, please check out our services at


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