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Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021

Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and thought “what was I thinking?” Trends change in terms of clothing, hair, accessories, and even dialect, the styles you once thought were on point are now a dated part of the past. The same is true when it comes to business solutions. The marketing tactic you once used in the past might not hold the same weight today and if you don’t follow suit, your competitors who say on target will have an edge. If you want to stay on top in terms of your marketing incentives, here are just five of the many predictions from Social Media Examiner to watch for in 2021.

#1: SEO Drives Organic Instagram Visibility

To further help Instagram categorize your account, you want to consistently post content that’s relevant to your niche.

#2: Reels Ignite Organic Instagram Exposure

The time to embrace short-form video marketing is now. Instagram Reels can be 15 or 30 seconds long and I like to think of them as stories on steroids. Reels don’t have to be intimidating. They can be as easy as talking to your camera, just like stories. What makes reels so engaging is the fact that you can add music and text to keep things interesting.

#3: Brick & Mortar Stores Embrace the Shift to Online Shopping on Instagram

As we become accustomed to the “new normal,” businesses need to pivot to ensure sales keep coming in and numbers exceed previous years. Any traditional operation that can be turned into an online process will do so, and all in-person contact will be limited.

#4: Brands Must Humanize

Smart businesses will understand that being transparent, authentic, and even vulnerable is smart marketing in 2021. People connect with people. This means the brand should be personified in a way that reveals who they stand for and what they stand for.

#5: Facebook Advertising Success Is Tied to the Customer Lifecycle

As the online marketplace continues to become more saturated and Facebook advertising costs continue to rise, returning to the foundational aspects of running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will be critical to success.

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