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Why Responding to Reviews, Good and Bad is Important

Customer reviews are a valuable resource for businesses and consumers alike. They can help us make decisions about where to eat, which products to buy, and whether or not we should take the time to read a book or watch a movie. It’s no wonder that almost any customer review you come across is positive; people want to be heard! However, those negative (and sometimes less than flattering) reviews also carry value and it’s important for business owners like yourself to respond accordingly, here’s why it’s important.

Shows you value your customers

Responding to reviews shows that you care about your customers and the feedback they leave. High-quality, positive reviews from happy customers will help bring more visibility for a business with an excellent reputation while addressing negative comments can be just as important, if not more so, in ensuring future patronage by showing how serious your business is about fixing any issues before it becomes a trend.

Improves your SEO

Online customer reviews are an excellent way to improve search rankings and general SEO efforts. Customer feedback sends a strong signal that communicates expertise, authority, trustworthiness which will only help you rank better in the eyes of Google.

Can change an existing negative review

When businesses respond to feedback, there’s a higher chance that people who have written negative reviews will change their mind and turn them into positive ones or delete the review if they are pleased with how you handled it.

Provides real-time feedback

Real-time testimonials can shed light on what your business is doing to go above and beyond and what areas might be lacking. Good customer service is one that goes beyond the call of duty. When you respond quickly, it shows your customers not only does your business care but also cares about providing quality products and services for other potential customers. A delay can cause them to think twice about buying from you again which may lead back down an unhappy spiral – so always put those reviewers first.

Allows you the opportunity to market positive reviews

Positive reviews can be your biggest marketing secret weapon. Positive reviews can be used to highlight a job well done by using them on your website, social media pages.

Responding to reviews is an excellent opportunity for business owners to show their customer service skills. By responding in a timely way, you're demonstrating your commitment and dedication to resolving any problems that exist with the product or service provided. At 4MJ Social, our team knows that in order to execute a successful strategy, you need one tailored just for you. We can do this by leveraging our knowledge of the ever-changing industry. Reach out today so we can help you get ahead of the game with an effective marketing plan!

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