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Why you Need to Optimize your Website for Mobile

Did you know there are over 10.53 billion cellular connections worldwide which surpass the world population of 7.91Billion? Still think optimizing your website for mobile is not important? Think again. The benefits of a responsive mobile-optimized site are many. Not only does it provide a better customer experience, but also makes navigating the website easier and more efficient by reformatting content for small screens as well as displaying larger navigation buttons which make all your customer’s favorite features easily accessible on any device.

Why it’s important

  • Mobile-friendly sites show up higher in search results

  • Mobile searches make up more than half of searches on

  • For many advertisers, the majority of traffic comes from people on their mobile phones

  • If your site isn't mobile-friendly, visitors are 5 times more likely to leave


Given the restricted amount of screen space, it’s important to figure out what key pieces of information your visitors will probably be looking for. A store locator, hours of operation, menu, a button to schedule appointments, a section to read reviews, and look at images. Scale back and keep the most important information.

Match the Branding

You can't get away from the idea that your brand also needs to be present on mobile sites. There are two reasons for this: A mobile site is just like any other property in reflecting and promoting what you stand for; but more importantly if someone already knows about or trusts your business then they will appreciate seeing a certain level of consistency when it comes to your mobile site.

Utilize White Space

With so much information and content on the web, it's important to keep your site clean. Filling in as much data can be difficult for users with limited screen real estate - make sure they're able easily navigate through what you've provided by leaving space between each input field or button grouping.

Say no or limit pop-ups

Navigating between multiple tabs and browser windows is more difficult on mobile, so if you need to open a new window make sure your user knows how to navigate back.

Encourage your users to visit your full site

There are many ways to make your site more accessible on mobile devices, but if you want your customers to have the full experience of browsing through content and exploring all features then it's important that users be able to return quickly. Make sure there is always at least one link from each page that allows them this option.

Mobile phones are a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if your site isn't optimized for mobile browsing yet, now is the time. At 4MJ Social, our team knows that in order to execute a successful strategy, you need one tailored just for you. We can do this by leveraging our knowledge of the ever-changing industry. Reach out today so we can help you get ahead of the game with an effective marketing plan!



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