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3 Reasons Why Human Writers are the Ultimate Content Creators

AI has come a long way in recent years and the writing industry is no exception. AI-driven content creation tools are being used more and more to create a wide range of content and it’s becoming a hot topic as more and more tools become available. In fact, Google recently released it’s own version, Bard. But is it safe to use when crafting content for your practice?

While AI can produce content effectively and quickly, humans still have an edge when it comes to certain types of content, especially when it comes to medical blogs, social media posts, and other content your patients are consuming.

1. Creative Writing: AI may be able to generate content that mimics human writing styles such as stories, poetry, and plays but there’s still a certain spark to creative writing that machines cannot replicate. Human creativity is essential here as it allows writers to bring their own unique perspective to their work which adds value in ways a machine never could.

2. Cultural & Social Awareness: AI may be able to understand the minutia of language but it’s not yet equipped to recognize nuances or implicit meaning due to cultural or social context. This lack of understanding could lead to misinterpretations or miscommunications that only humans can avoid making.

3. Quality Assurance & Editing: While AI technology can identify syntax errors like spelling or grammar mistakes better than humans ever could, they’re not equipped with the necessary soft skills needed for quality assurance and editing such as subjective feedback on readability or flow.

At the end of the day, using both humans and AI together will help take advantage of unique strengths and weaknesses in order craft quality content every time but there’s not comparison to human writing.


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