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How to Choose the RIGHT Images for your Business

If you’re in business one of the first things you’ll need to do before designing a website is getting a logo design. Think of your logo as the face of your business and the first impression. A strong and creative logo design will not only build brand recognition but your audience’s trust, furthermore, a great logo design also tells your business’s story! Once you have your logo in place the images and other visuals you use across your marketing channels should reflect the same vibe. Here are some tips from Social Media Examiner to make a high impact visual that will enhance and propel your brand’s identity like never before.

#1: Make Logo Size and Placement Uniform

Determine a minimum size for your logo and apply it consistently across your social media images. Your logo should never overpower your design, but it’s also important that it isn’t too small.

Keep the positioning of your logo consistent for the majority of your graphics—the best rule of thumb is to put it in the bottom right corner. This ensures that the logo isn’t too distracting but still associates the product with your brand. If you need to change the size or logo placement to suit a particular kind of design, make sure it’s center-, right- or left-aligned.

#2: Keep Fonts Consistent

Many people like to use text overlays as headings, subtitles and body copy. If you’re one of those people, choose no more than three fonts and use them throughout all of your social media graphics.

#3: Integrate Brand Colors

If you look at the images of any well-known brand, you’ll see that they use the same colors repetitively—in their logo, in their text, even in their images. That consistency is what helps viewers recognize the company and evokes certain feelings and emotions associated with the brand.

You can apply this same approach to your own visual content by choosing two to four colors and using them consistently. You can find and save your brand colors using hex codes, which are the six-digit codes that appear when a color is selected on the color wheel.

#4: Choose Images to Fit Your Style

Whether images are used as a background or as stand-alone posts, it’s important to pick a consistent theme.

To discover your company’s personality and find images to suit it, ask yourself what product, service or experience you’re trying to sell. If your brand was a person, what kinds of things would it like to do and see? What does your audience respond to? Find images that match your answers.

#5: Use Clever Product Placement

If you choose not to add your brand assets—like fonts and colors—to your social media designs, branding your images is difficult. One way you can make things easier on yourself is to focus your image on your logo or product.

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