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How to Respond to Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update

If you’ve been using social media for your marketing efforts you already know by now that things evolve and change almost constantly. Recently Apple announced there are now 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use overall, and if you are in marketing, that’s a hard number to ignore. Apple recently made some changes that will involve stricter privacy policies when it comes to sharing information. This is good news for consumers but if you are in marketing you will have to come up with ways to adapt and roll with the punches. Here’s some more information according to Social Media Examiner.

How the Update Will Affect Facebook Marketers

Currently, Facebook can track user activity on other websites and in other apps. The most popular way is through Facebook pixels, which are pieces of code installed on a website or app. When a user visits your site and takes an action (adds an item to their cart, makes a purchase, visits a landing page, etc.), the pixel notifies Facebook where that information is stored as data for your campaigns.

Segment Audience Targeting by Android and iOS Users

The first action you can take is to target Android devices only. The iOS update will only affect Apple users. Consumers who use Android devices won’t be affected and Facebook can still track their data across the internet. Ideally, you want to track both Android and iOS users, but because the data gathered on iOS will be incomplete and skewed, it may be best to work only with Android users or to segment campaigns by device.

Prioritize Your 8 Most Valuable Events

You need to decide which eight Facebook pixel events and custom conversions are most important to your business. With the new changes, Facebook will only receive data from eight pixel events per domain.

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