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3 Tips for Going Live on Social Media

One of the best ways to connect with your audience on social media is to “go live” or do a live, real-time broadcast. Going live is an important part of any social media strategy. It allows your followers to get to know the people behind the business and make a real and personal connection. A live video will showcase your personality and allow you to share what you are excited about. Not to mention, going live typically triggers a notification to your followers and will drive immediate traffic to your page to view your message.

Going live can be a little intimidating, but in this post we’ll go over 3 tips for going live that will have you feeling confident and ready to launch a live broadcast to your fans and followers.

Plan, plan, plan

If the thought of going live makes you nervous or you are someone who gets choked up when speaking publicly, planning will be your best friend. You can write out an exact script or outline of what you would like to say and practice it. If you do this, remember to try and sound natural and not just read from your script. Your audience wants to see your personality!

Set up your phone where you plan to do your live and turn on the camera, this will allow you to see how you look and how your background looks so you feel confident during your live video.

Tell a story

If you’re stuck with knowing what to say on your live video, consider telling a story. Think about something that happened recently or the “why” behind your message and start with a story. Storytelling is a great way to hook your audience while allowing you to be off script and share naturally. Just jot down your key points and share the story. An outline will help you keep the story engaging and prevent you from rambling or getting off track.

Add value

It is key to be sure you are providing value during your live session. Take a minute to think about why they should be signing on taking time to watch your video. What is in it for them? Providing value will keep them interested and waiting for the next go live session. A few examples of value are demos, how to’s, discounts, and special announcements.

We hope these tips will help you beat the fear of hitting the LIVE button. Practice makes perfect and the more you do, the more confident you will feel!


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