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The Two Aspects Every Social Media Feed Needs

The dynamic of your social media feed can make or break how your target audience views you. If you set aside all of the complicated algorithms, optimal times, etc. there are other ways you can successfully capture your audience. How do you accomplish this? It’s pretty simple, but something that people aren’t always privy to.

Your feed should consist of two main aspects. The first one is usually the main one that businesses focus on. Driving your audience to the good or service that your business provides. While this is an important part of your social media presence, this should not be over done. This is where the second aspect of your social media feed should come in.

Yes, gaining more business is the goal, and that is usually the main reason people use social media marketing. But, your audience needs more from you than a post encouraging them to “visit our website”. Why should they trust you? The second aspect of your social media feed is building an overall presence outside of your business. How do you do this? This consists of sharing your expertise through infographics, videos, GIFs, articles, and basically whatever you think will engage your audience and cause them to come back to your page. This will allow them to see you as an expert in the industry and business that they would be interested in using if the need should ever arise.

Now here is the punchline, your feed shouldn't be split evenly between the two. Calls to action and drives to your website should only make-up about 20% of your feed. I know this doesn’t seem like enough, but it is. You need to woo your audience. I know you don’t want to hear this but they don’t want to see a post every single day about the service that you offer. But if you inform them about “the best foods for muscle cramps” or “tips on keeping good posture at work”, they might remember that doctor who gave them helpful advice when they go to make an appointment.

At the end of the day it’s about gaining and retaining. It takes most people more than one post to trust a business. Here at 4MJ social we focus on a perfectly balanced social media feed that will not only keep your audience engaged, but drive them to your business.


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