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Why You Need a Content Calendar

At this point it’s pretty safe to say that digital marketing is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s only growing! It has become an essential piece of every marketing strategy, no matter the type of business or industry. A pivotal piece of digital marketing is content marketing. A business' published content impacts their search ranking on Google as well as their overall visibility and feel of their brand. The most important factors of content marketing are to make sure content is being delivered consistently, the content is keyword rich, and that the messaging fits with the overall marketing strategy.

Makes sense, right? But, the kicker is that content doesn’t create itself. It takes time, thought, strategy, and organization. Something many businesses struggle to find.

Studies show that companies with a persistent weekly posting schedule generate 3.5 times more traffic than those who publish only a few times per month or sporadically. Yet, more than 60% of businesses don’t have a documented strategy! This means they are resorting to a last-minute approach when it comes to their content.

For many companies, the thought of organizing and planning out content for 30+ days feels overwhelming. The reality is that planning out content in chunks actually saves time and provides the opportunity for consistent, strategic messaging. Content calendars allow you to plan content over a month, a quarter, and or a year. It ensures that content isn’t rushed and that it fits within your overarching business and marketing initiatives. A content calendar can be exactly what a business needs it to be. It can include a topic for the month, keywords, marketing goals for the month, and more. It’s fully customizable and provides visibility across departments. Here are some other key benefits.

  • Allows for repurposed distribution across all you mediums at a glance

  • Maintains consistency with your audience

  • Keeps your audience engaged

  • Allows you time to plan ahead for holidays, events, etc.

  • Helps you identify successful content pieces and benchmarks

  • Provides a reference library to recycle content

  • Frees up the time you use thinking of last minute topics

  • Allows content to become a sales driver

  • Ensures your messaging is aligned with your brand and strategy

Whether it’s Facebook, a blog, a newsletter, Instagram, or an online ad, planning content in a calendar allows you to see the big picture. You will gain consistency, save time, and yield a higher return.

Need help with your content calendar? The team at 4MJ Social is standing by ready to assist.


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