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Why Storytelling is Important

There is no denying the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the landscape of our world in 2020. Everything from the way we work, dine, socialize, spend time together, do business, and learn has drastically changed. If there’s a silver lining in all of these experiences it’s in the way individuals, families, friends, and businesses have adapted to the changes, and even thrive. Now, more than ever, businesses are spending time reevaluating their brands and how to positively put their message out to the world.

If you haven’t spent time telling your brand’s story, now might be a perfect time. Your brand’s stories are great to create depth and connection for your brand. Even more importantly, they’re a powerful way to build trust from a modern audience that can smell canned marketing from a mile away. The bottom line: it needs to connect with them on a real, heartfelt level.

If you’re new to storytelling, it’s essential your brand’s “about us” section in a more in-depth format. The quality of the details makes the difference between good and great stories. Great stories include a human element that focuses on human truth or experience, your goal is to engage with them on a deeper level and make them feel like they are a part of the story. Now more than ever, people are seeking a new premium, the human aspect. Businesses can no longer afford a faceless “storefront”.

Try to wrap your message into a story that transports people, simplifies information, and provokes an emotional response. If possible, try to add personality to the story with photos (non-stock) that adds visual interest to your story, gets shared on multiple platforms, and performs for your brand’s identity.

Try to start out by jotting down ideas and thoughts and once you have enough ideas you can draft out your narrative in a more cohesive way. If you need help so you can focus on your business firsthand, the professionals at 4MJ Social are here to help! We've put together a team of complementary talent that will make sure you never have to stress about your marketing solutions again. Let us do the heavy lifting while you unwind. We don't just care about your business...we care about you!


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